Gasoline prices in the Chicagoland area

Here, I'm attempting to record and keep up with gas prices in Chicago and the suburbs this summer. this will be impossible because by the time I record them, they will already have changed.

And I am asking for help. If you are in northeastern Illinois and can provide timely updates on a local gas station, send me the prices, type of station, and location, at the address below, and I'll add it to the table.

Update: April 10, 2002 - Well, the summer gasoline price season is here again. And I just received my first price message from someone else. Maybe this year I'll get some feedback.

Regular Plus Super Diesel Brand Where When Map GPS
1.659 1.779 1.859   Shell Corner of Il. 83 and
Camp McDonald Rd.
Prospect Heights
3:30 pm
Here 42 05' 43.5" N
87 56' 13.4" W
2.119 2.219 2.319   Shell Corner of Northwest Hwy. and
Mt. Prospect Rd.
Mt. Prospect
3:30 pm
Here 42° 03' 25.9" N
87° 55' 17.9" W
1.999 2.099 2.199   Speedway Corner of Waterman Ave.
and Rand Rd.
Prospect Heights
5:20 pm
Here 42 05' 49.8" N
87 57' 22.7" W
1.569       Clark Ogden Ave., east of Cass Ave.
12:00 am
Here ~41 48' 34.9" N
~87 58' 32.2" W

I do not work for any oil company, nor am I getting any funding for this. I'm hoping that a little information can help market forces reduce gas prices by reducing sales at stations with oddly high prices.

It is interesting to note that, while market analysts say it can take 2 to 4 weeks for a price decrease in crude oil to be reflected at the pump, price increases seem to be reflected immediately. Draw your own conclusions.

A few notes: The Shell station at Il. 83 & Camp McDonald typically has the highest local price. The location at Arlington Heights Rd. and Algonquin is generally the best Shell price in the area.

[Last updated: April 10, 2002]
W. H. Leininger <>