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Originally, this was a place holder. Now, it's just a thinly disguised way to avoid waiting for Mozilla to parse all my Internet Explorer bookmarks.

A grayscale GIF of meThis is me captured by the Connectix QuickCam, the cheapest way to get video into a non-AV equipped Macintosh. Alas, since Connectix sold the product line to Logitech, interest in Mac compatibility seems to have fallen off.
While I reside in the suburbs of Chicago, this page lives in Mississippi at the Water Valley Interchange, the ISP run by my friends, Howard, Anita, and the gang at Green Dragon Creations, in Northwestern Mississippi, where I occasionally visit or undertake contracts.

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W. H. Leininger <whlspage@steganographer.com>
At long last I'm updating my page. Why? Two reasons: To fix the dead links, and I'm preparing to make Mozilla my personal browser. So I want to update my standards compliance.
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